Stay informed

How do you keep track of the latest findings in our interdisciplinary endeavour called “sustainability science”? Ever felt lost given the sheer amount of information that is available in our community? Whether or not we like and use such labels as “information society” or “knowledge society”, it is obvious that we as researchers are confronted with an increasingly fast-growing amount of available data and information – a development that is not likely to change in the near future. And if we think about sustainability science, its ill-defined problems, interdisciplinarity and complexity, things are not getting any easier.  Continue reading


Just Like the Horse Whisperer – But With More Pages

OK, time to be honest: maybe a year ago I already followed a couple of blogs but never thought of writing my own. I started thinking about capturing the experiences I made on my journey as a researcher in the sustainability sciences, but without really an idea which form this should take. Maybe a workshop, maybe “only” a more regular exchange with colleagues who struggle with the same issues… I wasn’t sure. Than I came across one blog, full of information, tipps and tricks and still easy to read and just the right amount of humour. I particularly love her way of showing us, even if things might get serious still that doesn’t mean we have to take everything too serious. So the credit for making me start a blog of my own goes to… The Thesis Whisperer. Continue reading