Just Like the Horse Whisperer – But With More Pages

OK, time to be honest: maybe a year ago I already followed a couple of blogs but never thought of writing my own. I started thinking about capturing the experiences I made on my journey as a researcher in the sustainability sciences, but without really an idea which form this should take. Maybe a workshop, maybe “only” a more regular exchange with colleagues who struggle with the same issues… I wasn’t sure. Than I came across one blog, full of information, tipps and tricks and still easy to read and just the right amount of humour. I particularly love her way of showing us, even if things might get serious still that doesn’t mean we have to take everything too serious. So the credit for making me start a blog of my own goes to… The Thesis Whisperer.

The Thesis Whisperer is a blog dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis, edited by a colleague of mine, Dr. Inger Mewburn from RMIT. Inger is a research fellow at the School of Graduate Research (SGR) where she works in the field of doctoral education. But besides – and this is when it gets really interesting she does all sorts of things that help to make research work: the RMIT Three-minute thesis competition is one of these things and I will definitely come back to sometime later, but the Thesis Whisperer blog is the thing I want to talk about today.

I met Inger for the first time at a learning and teaching forum “Building a sustainable future” at the College of Science, Engineering and Health at RMIT two years ago. The forum itself was quite remarkable as for the first time it considered sustainability and teaching and learning together within the school – a must-go for me. They used all sorts of innovative formats to introduce new ideas and concepts and so  happened to be in the middle of a thing called speed-geeking: a series of rapid-fire three-minute presentations for a quick introduction to one specific topic. And three minutes was all Inger needed. Not only did she introduce the audience to her blog but in the same three minutes she covered prezi presentations, tweeting, slidesharing, evernoting and all sorts of -ings most of us have never heard about before.

But back to the blog. If you are a PhD student and looking for the one blog that might help you get through your thesis and that you want to read (beside this one, of course), The  Thesis Whisperer is it. Inger and her colleagues write about twice a week, not only about writing a thesis but all sorts of issues that may come up in a PhD. From presenting at conferences to maintaining your career, lots of things you would think of (and some you would never think of) are covered.

So give it a go: even if it is not about sustainability at all,it is still highly recommended!


2 thoughts on “Just Like the Horse Whisperer – But With More Pages

  1. Hi Matthias,
    nice words for Inger! I am also a big fan of her blog and I think we met at her presentation. Are you still working at RMIT???

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