Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Fellowships

So you’ve finally got the PhD degree you worked so hard for. Congratulations! But what are you going to do next? While this is a crucial question in its own right, that will be discussed in some more detail later in this blog, I want to take the opportunity to point toward one of the (still far too few) options to continue an academic career in sustainability science. While it is often difficult to find funding for your PhD, things might get even worse if you try to find something equivalent as a postdoc. However, there are examples of funding opportunities that give the freedom to continue your research and work on an academic career if that is the path you have chosen. Continue reading


Know your journal – publishing strategy part II

In ‘Build your own publishing strategy’ I wrote about ways to narrow down the list of potential journals to publish in, and the need to get more information about these journals. And I am not only talking about author guidelines, although they will play an important part. The journals’ websites offers a lot more information you should take into account to make an informed decision Continue reading