Call for Papers – ESA 2013 General Conference “Crisis, Critique and Change”

In August next year there will be an opportunity to visit Turin that is hard to resist: From the 28th to 31st, the 11th congress of the European Sociological Association (ESA) is to take place, titled “Crisis, Critique and Change”. So far I have twice had the opportunity to participate in this huge event and I have always been inspired by the manifold approaches and ideas one could witness and share. As it has a strong working network, “Environment & Society”, which covers different topics around sustainability (and is very open to interdisciplinary approaches), this might be an interesting opportunity for you to present some of your research and, of course, to do some networking…

The topic clearly shows a number of links to the sustainability discourse and even more so if you look at how the conference is introduced:

Which crisis? Whose critique? What changes? Making the world safe for banks is only one side of the coin. The present crisis is multi-faceted. It is not just a debt crisis, but also a political and a social crisis.[…]

And – as one might add – an ecological crisis as well!

What is behind the crisis? Two processes are at work. First, there has been a systemic transformation driving the shift from public to private power and adapting the state to capital markets. But, second, there has been a proliferation of vital types of critique too. Think about the deepening of existing divides. The Occupy protests, the social uprising in the Arab Spring, the unrest in Greece, and discontent in other European countries are all indicative of a reconfiguration of the link between crisis and critique.

You will find the call for paper which has been out since last week here. The network on Environment & Society also has a more specific call which is available here. The deadline for submitting an abstract is 1st February 2013, and this is the submission platform:

So safe the date and I hope to see you there!

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