Marie Curie Fellowships for Career Development

Just a quick one today: The evaluation results for the 2012 Marie Curie International Fellowships have been online since yesterday. And while this is an intense phase of finger-crossing and mailbox checking for everybody who submitted a proposal, for those of you who are thinking about applying in the future, this might be a good time to do some planning ahead. The timeline for 2013 is already out and from 14th March 2013 there will be new guidelines and a new call. So if you are thinking about applying for one of the funding schemes, this will be the time to make yourself familiar with the call and the specific information package that you will be able to download from then on. August 14th is the strict deadline, so you’d better set the alarm, it might be worth a try!

The Marie Curie Actions are a set of mobility research grant schemes, awarded by the European commission to fund pre- and post-doctoral researchers. The actions are implemented through the FP7 People Programme and provide funding opportunities for mobility and training at all stages of a researcher’s career. They also seek to  promote  research as a career and help create a market for researchers within the European Research Area (ERA). In their own words:

“This action is to support the career development, or restart, of experienced researchers at different stages of their careers, and seeks to enhance their individual competence diversification in terms of skill acquisition at multi- or interdisciplinary level and/or by undertaking intersectoral experiences. The aim is to support researchers in attaining and/or strengthening a leading independent position, e.g. principal investigator, professor or other senior position in education or enterprise. The action may also assist researchers to resume a career in research after a break. (“People 2011 Work Programme”).

They are open for all disciplines and have seen a number of sustainability-related research projects over the last few years. Three groups of programmes might be interesting for you:

The fellowships have a duration of between 12 and 24 months (full-time equivalent) and are well funded with a monthly living allowance, a mobility allowance and contributions to training and overhead expenses.

If you are interested, you should not only work your way through the very detailed guidelines but also consider contacting your National Contact Point to get all the support you need right from the beginning!

Good luck, and if you are applying and manage to get funding for a sustainability-related topic, let me know!

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