We are getting there…

So it is this time of the year again. With Christmas and New Year right in front of us, the usual academic hectic seems not really to stop but at least to become less important to everybody. And while my dear colleagues and friends in Australia hopefully will find some rest in their summer holidays and survive the current heat over Australia, back in Europe, things are bit different for me this year.

In Germany, my kids are looking forward to their first white Christmas again – we will see what happen, it certainly is already colder than anything over the last two years. But wherever you are working, right at the moment, be it a hot environment as Australia or a rather cold (but still not snowy ) one as in Europe – I truly whish you all the best and a happy and successful new year!

And remember, this is the time of the year, where you should get rid of the daily pressure of your work and all the ToDo-lists you constantly have in mind. Turn of your email for a few days and either leave all of the work behind or at least take your time to think outside the box and reflect about what you achieved and where you see yourself in the future. It might be the perfect time to re-consider some of your career plans and take a better look at the bigger picture of what your academic life should be like.

Unfortunately, my very own break will be very different this year. I just started a new job back in Germany, which of course is good news. On December 1st, I took up the position of a Professor for learning in teaching in environmental science, and as everybody who knows me might not be surprised at all, that is exactly what I was hoping (and working) for and what I am passioned about. So this will be a great opportunity to bring some change at university and to combine teaching and researching in my area of education for sustainable development.

It also means of course a lot work to start with and this might influence the postings of the blog as well in the near future, but I am confident to be able to contiue this to a certain extend. IT also made me think about me writing about Early Career Researchers. Does this mean I am not one any more? And if so, what am I supposed to be then?

I still think, though (and I will continue to do so if you are not going to tell me otherwise), that there is a fasir bit of experience in the whole process still to share, and I feel as if I did not by far wrote about everything that is still on my mind.

So we will see, where this goes, meanwhile, I hope you have some great days over christmas, hope to see you back here next year!

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