UNU-IAS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

If the last posting was too much on short-notice for you, here is another opportunity you might want to think about – this time very much in advance as the official call will be out only in the next couple of weeks with plenty of time to put together your application after that….

This is a fellowship programme of the United Nations University in Tokio that is encouraging young researchers to engage with issues of sustainable development. Here is what the website says about the programme:

Since October 2000, UNU-IAS offers Postdoctoral Fellowships for recent PhD graduates to provide them with the opportunity to put the knowledge and expertise acquired during their doctoral research to practical policy-relevant use. So far, over 40 Fellows from some 20 countries have passed through the Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. Of those completing the programme about one third have been women, and developing country participants have outnumbered developed country participants.

Around two Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded each year for a period of 12 months, starting in September.

The Fellowship Programme provides the successful applicant with a unique opportunity to:

    • develop and advance their research under the supervision of a UNU-IAS faculty member and contribute to the overall research agenda of the Institute;
    • widen their research interests and professional networks by working in the international and multi-disciplinary context of UNU-IAS, and with its wider network of Japanese universities and research institutes, as well as international collaborators;
    • become exposed to the workings of the international and multilateral policy process and the broader UN system; and
    • link with other UNU-IAS and UNU-ISP PhD and Postdoctoral Fellows.

The Fellows are resident at UNU-IAS in Yokohama or UNU-IAS OUIK in Kanazawa, Japan for the full term of the fellowship. This gives them the opportunity to gain from the broader research programme of lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences arranged by UNU-IAS. The Institute’s close links with Japanese affiliated professors and visiting professors from key universities and think tanks in Japan also allow Fellows to link into the broader Japanese academic and research community

Research proposals for UNU-IAS Postdoctoral Fellowships should relate clearly to one of the current research areas of the Institute. Research proposals are invited in the following areas:

For full information on eligibility, conditions and deadline for applications check the UNU-website here.

There is also a PhD Fellowship Programme, which might be of interest…


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