About the blog
This blog is about a journey: the journey from doing some research in sustainability science to becoming a researcher in sustainability science. Such a journey is not only a challenging and fascinating undertaking but also and foremost a continuous learning process. Consequently, much of the writing is a reflection on my personal experiences, and what I learnt. I am doing this, as a lot of conversations with colleagues and especially early career researchers encouraged me that some of these experiences could be of use for others as well and furthermore that it could encourage others to share their experiences.

The aim of this blog thus is to make available some of the experiences I made over the years and to share insights in this learning process. If you consider yourself as an early career researcher in sustainability science, it is hoped that you will find some useful information and help with the decisions you are making throughout your career. And if you have similar (or very different) stories to share, I hope you will tell me!

And to challenge those who came so far: If you find out where the main background picture of the blog was taken, and send me an email about it, a bottle of organic white wine will be send out asap! So we will see who takes up the task,,,,

About Matthias Barth
Matthias considers himself a second generation researcher in sustainability science – one who has been trained in sustainability science throughout his whole academic career and has been lucky enough to develop his disciplinary skills in an inter- and transdisciplinary environment. Over the years he went through the several stages of being an early career researcher in this vibrant and emerging field of research, which he considers as an ongoing learning process with a steep learning curve.

Recently, Matthias happened to become a Professor for teaching and learning in environmental science at the University of Applied Science Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. As the director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching he is developing and researching study programs as well as professional development programs that aim at supporting the development of key competencies for a sustainable future.

Until September 2010 he was a senior research fellow within the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, at RMIT University, where he undertook a research project analysing the impact of different implementation patterns of sustainability into higher education on the development on students` competencies to contribute to a sustainable future. He also was a lecturer in sustainability science at the UNESCO Chair of Higher Education for Sustainability, Leuphana University of Lüneburg till 2010. Matthias holds a Diploma in Environmental Science received his doctoral degree in educational science in 2007 and his habilitation (greater doctorate) in sustainability science in 2011.

His strong passion is on research and teaching for sustainability in higher education with an emphasis on competence development, innovative learning settings and curriculum change.


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