Reaching for the sky – publishing strategy part III

In ‘Build your own publishing strategy’ I wrote about different ways of choosing the right journal for your publication. Striving for excellence was the first option I described in more detail, as this indeed is the most common strategy you will be referred to as an early career researcher. While I would strongly argue for the need to critically reflect on the usefulness of such a strategy, I also see the need to consider such an approach in order to get noticed and further promoted. So, let’s consider what excellence means in terms of sustainability science and how we can identify those journals that are considered to be the right place to send high impact articles.
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Spreading the Word – the Role of Repositories

After the game is before the game
(„Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel“)
Sepp Herberger

So it’s finally done? Your paper is not only submitted but also accepted and soon to be published? Congratulations, well done! But before you carry on and write the next one (or even while you are doing so), you might want to give it a second thought: while writing the paper and getting it published is one side of the coin, the other side of getting recognized and thus cited is at least as important. True, it is one more title on your list of references, but wouldn’t it be nice to see some impact as well? Continue reading

Know your journal – publishing strategy part II

In ‘Build your own publishing strategy’ I wrote about ways to narrow down the list of potential journals to publish in, and the need to get more information about these journals. And I am not only talking about author guidelines, although they will play an important part. The journals’ websites offers a lot more information you should take into account to make an informed decision Continue reading