Surviving the reading marathon

Again a wonderful piece of work from Inger (I wrote about her blog earlier here). This is such an important issue and things get even mre complicated if you delve into an interdisciplinary area such as sustainability…

The Thesis Whisperer

Recently @indecisionpersonified asked me a question in the Thesis Whisperer feedback forum:

“… I have just moved continents and been accepted into a PhD program and have six free months before I start. I was wondering whether you had any advice to give people like me on how best to use the time before starting a PhD in order to be prepared for a PhD!”

A great question topic for a post! Luckily @indecisionpersonified asked this question just as I was preparing a workshop called “Speedy Notetaking for the literature review and beyond”, one of our research masterclass series at the ANU. This workshop explores the connection between reading and making meaningful ‘chunks’ of thesis ready text, so I had some ready answers to hand.

file0001576504202At most universities the PhD  application process asks you to hand in a draft research proposal of around 5000 words. So it’s not…

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“We need excellence in bringing things together” – the rise of sustainability programs at universities

If you look at your career path and the choices you have made to engage with sustainability, do you consider yourself as part of a larger movement or even an overall trend? Well, maybe you should, at least according to a recent feature in Nature. Continue reading

A cultural history of sustainability

In “Sustainability Science in a nutshell”, one of the first posts in this blog, I wrote about some of the key literature of sustainability science and mentioned a couple of more general introductions to the concept of sustainability. What I could not do at the time writing was to introduce you to one of my favourites, for the simple reason that it was not out in English but only in German. This has changed by now, so it is about time to come back to this book. Continue reading

Special Issue “Communication for and about Sustainability” – Call for Paper

A bit of self marketing: For those of you out there who are in to sustainability communication in its broadest sense, this recent call for paper for the open-access journal Sustainability might be of interest. Together with Gerd Michelsen from the Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Communication (INFU) at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, I am guest-editing a special issue on sustainability communication. Continue reading

Marie Curie Fellowships for Career Development

Just a quick one today: The evaluation results for the 2012 Marie Curie International Fellowships have been online since yesterday. And while this is an intense phase of finger-crossing and mailbox checking for everybody who submitted a proposal, for those of you who are thinking about applying in the future, this might be a good time to do some planning ahead. The timeline for 2013 is already out and from 14th March 2013 there will be new guidelines and a new call. So if you are thinking about applying for one of the funding schemes, this will be the time to make yourself familiar with the call and the specific information package that you will be able to download from then on. August 14th is the strict deadline, so you’d better set the alarm, it might be worth a try! Continue reading

Call for Papers – ESA 2013 General Conference “Crisis, Critique and Change”

In August next year there will be an opportunity to visit Turin that is hard to resist: From the 28th to 31st, the 11th congress of the European Sociological Association (ESA) is to take place, titled “Crisis, Critique and Change”. So far I have twice had the opportunity to participate in this huge event and I have always been inspired by the manifold approaches and ideas one could witness and share. As it has a strong working network, “Environment & Society”, which covers different topics around sustainability (and is very open to interdisciplinary approaches), this might be an interesting opportunity for you to present some of your research and, of course, to do some networking… Continue reading

Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Fellowships

So you’ve finally got the PhD degree you worked so hard for. Congratulations! But what are you going to do next? While this is a crucial question in its own right, that will be discussed in some more detail later in this blog, I want to take the opportunity to point toward one of the (still far too few) options to continue an academic career in sustainability science. While it is often difficult to find funding for your PhD, things might get even worse if you try to find something equivalent as a postdoc. However, there are examples of funding opportunities that give the freedom to continue your research and work on an academic career if that is the path you have chosen. Continue reading