Special Issue “Communication for and about Sustainability” – Call for Paper

A bit of self marketing: For those of you out there who are in to sustainability communication in its broadest sense, this recent call for paper for the open-access journal Sustainability might be of interest. Together with Gerd Michelsen from the Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Communication (INFU) at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, I am guest-editing a special issue on sustainability communication. Continue reading


We are getting there…

So it is this time of the year again. With Christmas and New Year right in front of us, the usual academic hectic seems not really to stop but at least to become less important to everybody. And while my dear colleagues and friends in Australia hopefully will find some rest in their summer holidays and survive the current heat over Australia, back in Europe, things are bit different for me this year. Continue reading

Spreading the Word – the Role of Repositories

After the game is before the game
(„Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel“)
Sepp Herberger

So it’s finally done? Your paper is not only submitted but also accepted and soon to be published? Congratulations, well done! But before you carry on and write the next one (or even while you are doing so), you might want to give it a second thought: while writing the paper and getting it published is one side of the coin, the other side of getting recognized and thus cited is at least as important. True, it is one more title on your list of references, but wouldn’t it be nice to see some impact as well? Continue reading

Marie Curie Fellowships for Career Development

Just a quick one today: The evaluation results for the 2012 Marie Curie International Fellowships have been online since yesterday. And while this is an intense phase of finger-crossing and mailbox checking for everybody who submitted a proposal, for those of you who are thinking about applying in the future, this might be a good time to do some planning ahead. The timeline for 2013 is already out and from 14th March 2013 there will be new guidelines and a new call. So if you are thinking about applying for one of the funding schemes, this will be the time to make yourself familiar with the call and the specific information package that you will be able to download from then on. August 14th is the strict deadline, so you’d better set the alarm, it might be worth a try! Continue reading

Call for Papers – ESA 2013 General Conference “Crisis, Critique and Change”

In August next year there will be an opportunity to visit Turin that is hard to resist: From the 28th to 31st, the 11th congress of the European Sociological Association (ESA) is to take place, titled “Crisis, Critique and Change”. So far I have twice had the opportunity to participate in this huge event and I have always been inspired by the manifold approaches and ideas one could witness and share. As it has a strong working network, “Environment & Society”, which covers different topics around sustainability (and is very open to interdisciplinary approaches), this might be an interesting opportunity for you to present some of your research and, of course, to do some networking… Continue reading

Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Fellowships

So you’ve finally got the PhD degree you worked so hard for. Congratulations! But what are you going to do next? While this is a crucial question in its own right, that will be discussed in some more detail later in this blog, I want to take the opportunity to point toward one of the (still far too few) options to continue an academic career in sustainability science. While it is often difficult to find funding for your PhD, things might get even worse if you try to find something equivalent as a postdoc. However, there are examples of funding opportunities that give the freedom to continue your research and work on an academic career if that is the path you have chosen. Continue reading

Know your journal – publishing strategy part II

In ‘Build your own publishing strategy’ I wrote about ways to narrow down the list of potential journals to publish in, and the need to get more information about these journals. And I am not only talking about author guidelines, although they will play an important part. The journals’ websites offers a lot more information you should take into account to make an informed decision Continue reading

Stay informed

How do you keep track of the latest findings in our interdisciplinary endeavour called “sustainability science”? Ever felt lost given the sheer amount of information that is available in our community? Whether or not we like and use such labels as “information society” or “knowledge society”, it is obvious that we as researchers are confronted with an increasingly fast-growing amount of available data and information – a development that is not likely to change in the near future. And if we think about sustainability science, its ill-defined problems, interdisciplinarity and complexity, things are not getting any easier.  Continue reading

Just Like the Horse Whisperer – But With More Pages

OK, time to be honest: maybe a year ago I already followed a couple of blogs but never thought of writing my own. I started thinking about capturing the experiences I made on my journey as a researcher in the sustainability sciences, but without really an idea which form this should take. Maybe a workshop, maybe “only” a more regular exchange with colleagues who struggle with the same issues… I wasn’t sure. Than I came across one blog, full of information, tipps and tricks and still easy to read and just the right amount of humour. I particularly love her way of showing us, even if things might get serious still that doesn’t mean we have to take everything too serious. So the credit for making me start a blog of my own goes to… The Thesis Whisperer. Continue reading